Christmas Crackers

Christmas 2022

Even Santa would approve of our luxury Christmas Crackers

It was great to welcome back so many regular and new customers last Christmas, thank you for supporting us once again.

After a short break we've begun to plan our Christmas 2022 collection which we'll be working on through the year. We'll begin to launch the collection from September 2022.

Handmade Christmas Crackers

Take a look at some of our Christmas 2021 collection here, our new collection will be launching September 2022.

Red & Gold Christmas Crackers

Red and gold boxed christmas crackers

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Merry Christmas Crackers

Blue and gold boxed christmas crackers

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Red & Green Christmas Crackers

Red and green holly and poinsettia christmas crackers

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Green & Gold Christmas Crackers

Green and gold christmas crackers

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Simply Red Christmas Crackers

Simply red boxed christmas crackers

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White Holly Christmas Crackers

White holly boxed christmas crackers

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Any Quantity Christmas Crackers

Here's where you get to choose the exact number of Christmas Crackers you require.

Red Poinsettia Christmas Crackers

Red poinsettia on gold christmas crackers

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Red Berries Christmas Crackers

Red berries christmas crackers

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Snowflakes on Blue Christmas Crackers

White snowflakes on blue christmas crackers

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What's inside your Christmas Cracker?

That's up to you, choose between premium gifts, handmade chocolate, handmade fudge, paper puzzles or why not mix it up and have a bit of everything. Or you can personalise by adding your own gift inside with our fill your own Christmas Crackers.

Choice of handmade gifts

Choose what goes inside your Christmas crackers

Choose from our selection of gifts or why not mix it up and have a bit of everything.

Fill your own

Fill your own Christmas crackers

One end is left open for you to add your own gifts, plus ribbon to tie it up.

Our story

We love Christmas and we love Christmas crackers, but we felt guilty that all those cheap bits of plastic you find inside were going straight in the bin and who knows where after that. So we thought there must be a better way. We use card stock and paper that can be recycled, we use ribbon and decorations you can either re-use or recycle, and here's the best news .. Christmas cracker contents that don't contain single-use plastic.

Read more about our story and join us on our mission to reduce plastic in Christmas crackers.

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