Fill Your Own Christmas Crackers

We think this is a really lovely way to make your Christmas Crackers extra special. It's really easy, all you have to do is choose your Christmas Crackers and then select the option to 'fill your own (empty cracker)' from the drop down list just above the Add to your basket button. When you click or tap on this button you'll go through to the secure PayPal basket, here's where you choose the exact quantity you need. If you want to add other Christmas Crackers to your same order, just click or tap on the Continue Shopping text link which brings you back to our website.

Once you've chosen all your crackers and paid, we then make your Christmas Crackers which will include hat, joke and snap, and we'll leave one end open for you to put your gift inside. We also include the ribbons so you can tie the cracker up. If you have any questions about fill your own Christmas Crackers please us.

How do I fill my own Christmas Crackers?

You probably won't be surprised to learn we get asked this alot, along with the size of the filling part of the Christmas Cracker.

So here's our very own Andrew demonstrating how easy it is to fill your own Christmas Crackers.

Our Christmas Cracker Size

Christmas crackers dimensions

These are the dimensions, in centremetres (cm), of our Christmas Crackers. The cracker barrel is the important bit as that's where your own gift will go. The cracker barrel measures 4.5cm across and 8cm long.

Our top tip here is to consider the size of the gift you want to put inside your Christmas Cracker. Keep the size of your gift within the 4.5cm width of the cracker barrel so that you can easily pop it into the Christmas Cracker.

What comes with each Christmas Cracker

Fill your own christmas crackers

Your Christmas Crackers will come boxed and supplied with hat, snap and joke, plus of course the ribbon to tie it up.

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