Christmas Crackers

Handcrafted crackers with no plastic toys inside

We're delighted so many of you ordered your Christmas Crackers from us in 2020 it was such a busy time and we loved receiving your feedback and comments when you've received your handmade Christmas Crackers.

As usual we'll have a short rest and then start to plan our Christmas 2021 cracker collection! We'll be thinking of the colour trends, inspired by what we see and requests that you may have so do please us - we'd love to know what you'd like to see for Christmas 2021. Don't forget we're on social media (see links at the very bottom of this page) so why not follow us and we'll keep you updated throughout the year on our plans.

Handcrafted Christmas Crackers

We've packed away the Christmas 2020 collection, eaten the last of the mince pies and sat down for a cuppa. We'll start to plan our Christmas 2021 collection in the meantime you can see below what some of last year's handmade Christmas cracker collection.

Red Gingham Christmas Crackers

Red gingham christmas crackers

Recycled card stock forms the basis of these Christmas crackers.

Silver Bells White Christmas Crackers

Silver bells on white christmas crackers

An elegant pearlescent white Christmas cracker with silver bells.

Blue and Silver Christmas Crackers

Blue with silver snowflakes christmas crackers

A lovely deep navy blue with four different sized silver snowflakes.

Gingerbread Man Christmas Crackers

Gingerbread man christmas crackers

A cute gingerbread man is mounted on red card.

Scandi Style Christmas Crackers

Red and white Scandi style christmas crackers

A recyclable white and red Scandi-style Christmas cracker.

Red Robin Christmas Crackers

Red robin christmas crackers

A pretty little robin is centre stage of this red Christmas cracker.

Choose what you'd like inside your Christmas crackers

We're very proud of our selection of contents, and we know you really value the opportunity to be able to choose what goes inside your Christmas crackers. We'll update this section for Christmas 2021 once we're ready to launch the full collection in the meantime you can see what we had available last year.

Handmade chocolates

Handmade chocolates inside your Christmas crackers

A tasty, and beautifully decorated, chocolate available in six different flavours.

Paper puzzles

Paper puzzles inside your Christmas crackers

A variety of paper puzzles each comes with a pencil to complete the task!

Premium gifts

Premium gifts inside your Christmas crackers

A handmade premium gift inside each Christmas cracker.

Fill your own

Fill your own Christmas crackers

One end is left open for you to add your own gifts, plus ribbon to tie it up.

Handmade christmas crackers

Handcrafted Christmas crackers

Made in the UK

Made by us here in the UK

No cheap plastic contents

No cheap plastic toys inside

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