Christmas Crackers

Handcrafted crackers with no plastic toys inside

Well what a year it has been so far. However despite all the challenges we're now working on our Christmas 2020 collection which will include some of your favourites as well as introducing new Christmas cracker designs. We know many of you like personalising your crackers so we're currently working on a golden design that would be perfect for name places at your Christmas dinner table.

Now we know from your feedback that you like our choice of contents so we're delighted to bring you a choice of handmade chocolates, that look and taste amazing, as well as beautiful handmade premium gifts including fizzy bathbomb and honey lipbalm. We're also reintroducing paper puzzle options as we know lots of you would like to keep your little people happy at the dinner table.

Christmas Cracker Collection

Gingerbread Man Christmas Crackers

Gingerbread man christmas crackers

One of our,and your, favourites this cute gingerbread man is mounted on red card.

Red Gingham Christmas Crackers

Red gingham christmas crackers

Recycled card stock forms the basis of these Christmas crackers.

Red Poinsettia Gold Christmas Crackers

Red poinsettia on gold christmas crackers

Classic Christmas flower adorns this golden cracker.

Frosty Woodland Green Christmas Crackers

Frosty woodland christmas crackers

Icy hints on the little cone and acorn of this gorgeous green Christmas cracker.

Reindeer Red Christmas Crackers

Gold reindeer on red christmas crackers

Vivid mirrorcard red is graced by a glittering golden reindeer.

Reindeer Green Christmas Crackers

Gold reindeer on green christmas crackers

Vivid mirrorcard green is graced by a glittering golden reindeer.

Red Robin Christmas Crackers

Red robin christmas crackers

A pretty little robin is centre stage of this red Christmas cracker.

Green Holly Christmas Crackers

Green holly christmas crackers

Drawn holly berries and leaves decorate this green Christmas cracker.

Silver Bells White Christmas Crackers

Silver bells on white christmas crackers

An elegant pearlescent white Christmas cracker with glittering silver bells.

Silver Snowflakes Blue Christmas Crackers

Silver snowflakes on blue christmas crackers

A beautiful blue Christmas cracker decorated with four different sized snowflakes.

Red Stocking Christmas Crackers

Patterned stocking on red christmas crackers

A patterned stocking decorates this red Christmas cracker.

Retro Christmas Crackers

Retro christmas crackers

Vivid Christmas colours in this collection of retro Christmas crackers (box of six).

Red and Gold Christmas Crackers

Red and gold christmas crackers

We've combined the two classic Christmas colours.

Green and Gold Christmas Crackers

Green and gold christmas crackers

We've combined two classic Christmas colours.

Personalised Christmas Crackers

We're designing a gorgeous golden Christmas cracker that you'll be able to personalise this year.

What's inside?

As we handcraft every cracker, when you place your order, you can choose delicious handmade chocolates, premium gifts, creamy fudge, paper puzzles or we'll leave one end open so that you may add your own gifts. All our Christmas crackers come with a hat, brilliant joke (!) and snap.

Yummy chocolates

Handmade chocolates inside your Christmas crackers

New selection of handmade chocolates from Henley Chocolates this year.

Premium gifts

Premium gifts inside your Christmas crackers

A beautiful handmade gift in each Christmas cracker.

Tasty fudge

Handmade creamy fudge inside your Christmas crackers

NEW for 2020 Creamy handmade fudge in each Christmas cracker.

Paper puzzles

Paper puzzles inside your Christmas crackers

Back by request, paper puzzle comes with a pencil to complete the puzzle!

Fill your own

Fill your own Christmas crackers

One end left open for you to add your own gifts.

Inside every Christmas cracker

A hat and joke inside every Christmas cracker

Every Christmas cracker comes with a hat and joke.

Handmade christmas crackers

Handcrafted Christmas crackers

Made in the UK

Made by us here in the UK

No cheap plastic contents

No cheap plastic toys inside

Christmas cracker questions?

If you have any questions about our Christmas crackers or if you need a large quantity please use this contact form:


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