Bespoke Crackers

Specially made for your business or event.

We make all our crackers here in the UK and we've been doing this for over ten years. In that time we've created bespoke crackers for birthday parties, anniversaries, weddings, corporate events and Christmas crackers for restaurants.

We can cater for any event or business and if you have a particular colour, theme or branding we'll work with you to ensure your bespoke crackers match your needs.

For 2022 Christmas 2022 Events - please contact us (available until July 2022).

For 2022 Wholesale and corporate Christmas crackers - please contact us (available until July 2022).

For 2022 Restaurants and caterers Christmas crackers - please contact us (available until July 2022).

We can source contents for your bespoke crackers including handmade chocolates, fudge or gifts. Alternatively we can provide them open one end if you wish to add your own treat inside.

Bespoke crackers

Here are some examples of bespoke crackers we've created previously.

Bespoke crackers for a fitness company

Bespoke crackers for beauty event

Bespoke crackers for a wedding

Christmas is always busy

As you'll have noticed above for large Christmas cracker orders, for events and corporate customers, we work from January to July each year to discuss your requirements, agree quantity and pricing, and then produce your crackers. As you'll appreciate our busiest time of year is Christmas so we're unable to take any new orders from August onwards as we wouldn't have time or capacity to fulfil your requirements. If you're interested in bespoke crackers the earlier you can contact us in the year the better (we know that sounds odd!).

If you've missed the deadline, there's always our fabulous collection of Christmas Crackers available to buy although we'd be unable to bespoke them.

If you have any questions about bespoke crackers please us and we'll get in touch.

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