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Happy new year, I hope you had a lovely Christmas and you enjoyed your handmade Christmas Crackers. We would usually be talking about wedding crackers for the Summer and Winter seasons ahead however with the new year we still have many uncertainties so we'll keep our website and social media updated, and of course you can get in touch with us.

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Handcrafted Christmas Crackers

These are some of our Christmas Crackers from last year, we'll post our Christmas 2021 collection here later in the year.

Blue and Silver Christmas Crackers

Blue with silver snowflakes christmas crackers

A lovely deep navy blue with four different sized silver snowflakes.

Gingerbread Man Christmas Crackers

Gingerbread man christmas crackers

A cute gingerbread man is mounted on red card.

Silver Bells White Christmas Crackers

Silver bells on white christmas crackers

An elegant pearlescent white Christmas cracker with glittering silver bells.

Red Gingham Christmas Crackers

Red gingham christmas crackers

Recycled card stock forms the basis of these Christmas crackers.

Scandi Style Christmas Crackers

Red and white Scandi style christmas crackers

A recyclable white and red Scandi-style Christmas cracker.

Red Robin Christmas Crackers

Red robin christmas crackers

A pretty little robin is centre stage of this red Christmas cracker.

Christmas Cracker Contents

Here's our selection from last Christmas, we'll post the contents option for Christmas 2021 later in the year.

Handmade chocolates

Handmade chocolates inside your Christmas crackers

A beautifully decorated and tasty handmade chocolate from Warwickshire.

Paper puzzles

Paper puzzles inside your Christmas crackers

We have a variety of paper puzzles and each comes with a pencil to complete the task!

Fill your own

Fill your own Christmas crackers

One end is left open for you to add your own gifts, includes snap, hat and joke.

Premium gifts

Premium gifts inside your Christmas crackers

A beautiful handmade gift inside each Christmas cracker.

Wedding Crackers

Crackers don't have to be just for Christmas, we handcraft personalised wedding favour crackers for any time of the year! We can co-ordinate to your colour and theme and personalised with the names of your choice and even include the date of your special day.

Personalised wedding favour crackers made by cracker emporium

Personalised baby blue with blue foil lettering

Butterfly theme wedding crackers made by cracker emporium

Butterflies and flowers on pearlescent card

Personalised wedding crackers made by cracker emporium

Burgundy with gold foil lettering personalised

Personalised Crackers

And we can personalise your crackers for any occassion be it birthday, anniversary or a corporate event.

Personalised corporate event crackers

Corporate event cracker

21st birthday cracker

21st Birthday cracker

Personalised birthday crackers

Birthday party crackers

Personalised corporate crackers

Corporate crackers for a fitness company

Our promise

Our story

We love Christmas and we love Christmas crackers, but we felt guilty that all those cheap bits of plastic you find inside were going straight in the bin and who knows where after that. So we thought there must be a better way. We work really hard to reduce single-use plastic, and in most cases eradicate it, from our designs and especially the contents! We use card stock and paper that can be recycled, we use ribbon and decorations you can either use again or recycle, and here's the best news .. Christmas cracker contents that don't contain single-use plastic.

Read more about our story and join us on our mission to reduce plastic in Christmas crackers.

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