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Handcrafted Christmas crackers with no plastic toys inside

We love Christmas and we love Christmas crackers, but we felt guilty that all those cheap bits of plastic you find inside were going straight in the bin and who knows where after that.

So we thought there must be a better way. We've worked really hard to reduce single-use plastic, and in most cases eradicate it, from our designs and especially the contents! We use card stock and paper that can be recycled, we use ribbon and decorations you can either use again or recycle, and here's the best news .. Christmas cracker contents that don't contain single-use plastic.

Read more about our story and join us on our mission to reduce plastic in Christmas crackers.

Christmas crackers

We'll be launching our 2020 Christmas crackers in September. We've already made agreements with our premium content and chocolate suppliers so that we've a great choice of gifts to go inside your crackers. We know this year has been very strange and we're not sure what Christmas will look like, what we have decided is that we'll be trading online only this year as we feel the majority of us will be buying in this way.

Gingerbread Man Christmas Crackers

Gingerbread Man Christmas Cracker

How could you resist this cute gingerbread man red Christmas cracker.

Red Gingham Christmas Crackers

Red Gingham Christmas Cracker

You'll love the craft look with these on your table this year.

Wedding crackers

We've seen a growing trend for wedding crackers for wedding receptions and parties. If you're looking for a specific quantity, a certain colour or style please get in touch, we'd love to help you. We can also personalise them with names and dates too.

Personalised wedding favour crackers made by cracker emporium

Personalised baby blue with blue foil lettering

Lavender and lace wedding crackers made by cracker emporium

Vintage style with lace and paper roses

Butterfly theme wedding crackers made by cracker emporium

Butterflies and flowers on pearlescent card

Personalised wedding invitation crackers made by cracker emporium

Wedding invitation crackers in gold foil lettering

Pink and blue wedding crackers made by cracker emporium

Colour coordinated butterflies with pearlescent card

Personalised wedding crackers made by cracker emporium

Burgundy with gold foil lettering personalised

Personalised crackers

We can personalise your crackers for any occassion be it wedding, birthday or for a corporate event.

Personalised corporate event crackers

Corporate event cracker

21st birthday cracker

21st Birthday cracker

Personalised birthday crackers

Birthday party crackers

Personalised corporate crackers

Corporate crackers for a fitness company

Handmade crackers

Handcrafted Christmas crackers

Made in the UK

Made by us here in the UK

No cheap plastic contents

No cheap plastic toys inside



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