Holly and Mistletoe Christmas Crackers

Holly and mistletoe christmas crackers

NEW for 2017

If you love a traditional Christmas with lots of holly and mistletoe you'll want these crackers on your table. Inspired by holly growing in my own garden and the local orchards festooned with mistletoe I painted these images myself. The crackers are then completed with rich holly green ribbons.

These beautiful vintage looking crackers, which I distress myself to give an authentic aged look, start from just £1.99 with the fill your own option.

Please select::

You can choose the exact quantity you need or buy as a box of six, and you can select your contents too.

What you get

  • handcrafted crackers
  • cracker snap
  • joke
  • hat
  • puzzles, chocolates or handmade gifts (depending on what you select)

Holly and mistletoe christmas crackers