Gingham Christmas Crackers

Gingham Christmas Crackers

My gingham style crackers are handcrafted using recycled brown card and decorated with gingham ribbon around the body of the cracker, around the pulling ends and tied with matching gingham ribbon.

If you love these you should also check out my brand new red gingham and gingerbread man christmas crackers which are incredibly cute and would work well with these ones too.

Amazingly these start from just £1.99 per cracker with the fill your own option.

Choose your contents:
Choose your gingham cracker colour:

You can order any combination of red and green in any quantity you need, or as a box of six in a specific colour.

What you get

  • handcrafted crackers
  • choice of red or green colour
  • cracker snap
  • joke
  • hat
  • puzzles or handmade gifts (depending on what you select)

Gingham Christmas Crackers