Bespoke Christmas Crackers

NEW for 2017

Following the success of our bespoke wedding favour crackers we're delighted to offer you the opportunity to have handcrafted bespoke Christmas crackers.

We have rich ruby red crackers (note: our green crackers are now unavailable) with a choice of either red or gold foiled text. The crackers have two lines of text the top line says Merry Christmas and the second line can contain a name.

The choice doesn't stop there! You can choose crackers with no contents for just £2.50 per cracker (note you do still get snap, hat and joke - cracker is left open at one end for you to add your own gifts), crackers with our paper puzzle contents for just £2.75 per cracker, crackers with two handmade chocolates (one milk and one dark chocolate) for just £2.85 or upgrade to our premium contents for just £2.99 per cracker.

Bespoke Red Christmas Cracker

Bespoke red christmas crackers

Choose your cracker contents:
Choose the colour of your cracker:
Choose the colour of your text:
Add names here:

Bespoke Christmas Cracker

Bespoke christmas crackers

Your bespoke requirements - just a tip

We make all our own crackers including the addition of your names. Please take care to spell all names correctly as we will use the data you supply us. It would be helpful if you could include a comma in between names. We use paypal to process your order and work with their system. Please call or email us if you need any help with your order.

If you'd like to add a bespoke element, such as a name tag, to any of our other christmas crackers please call or email me to discuss pricing options.

A reminder of what you get

  • red handcrafted crackers (green is now unavailable)
  • your choice of name or any text on the second line
  • for all content options: cracker snap
  • for all content options: joke
  • for all content options: hat
  • paper puzzles, chocolates or handmade gifts (dependent on your choice)